We Are Fastrack Construction LLC

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About Us

Fastrack Construction LLC is a Florida based construction company dedicated to building and renovating residential and commercial structures according to client needs, and we service the entire state. Our passion is to provide unmatched  quality and service by using our combined resources with the strong focus on our clients needs and goals, allowing us to provide exceptional results.



Where We Operate

The entirety of Florida



Our Mission

To ensure project success, executive involvement, and client satisfaction.



The ability for us to work efficiently with our vendors allows us to provide you the best possible service as a subcontractor. Contact us for more info.


Luis Fernando escobar


Has more than 18 years of hands-on experience in construction. He maintains our company with his expertise in buiding and communications. 


Luis a. escobar


His 12-year involvement in the construction business allows him to be the procurement of future work for the company and establish effective, client-focused policies and procedures. 



paula escobar

marketing manager/ vp

Her 3-year experience brings a more modern approach to the construction world. Her proficiency in creating long-lasting, valuable relationships makes her uniquiely qualified to Fastrack Construction. 



angelica alvarez


Her 10-year experience in business operations and product scheduling enhances the quality Fastrack Construction, LLC can provide to our clients.